Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

Today’s Venus-Neptune and Sun-Saturn connections are handled in depth in the Weekly Context Post. But if you have planets in mid-late Water signs, the midweek is not a bad time for relaxing and engaging in some self-care. If you have planets in early Air signs, it’s a good time for planning and working out structures.

The Moon today moves into the third position in the Water signs, trining both the Venus and the Neptune from Cancer overnight into tomorrow morning. This emphasizes the general “let’s relax and watch some fiction or read some fantasy” vibe. Try to take it easy if you can.

Weekly Context Post:


29 Sep 2021 12:13 Ven Tri Nep 21°Sc22′ 21°Pi22′

29 Sep 2021 13:54 Mon Sxt Ura 14°Cn08′ 14°Ta08′

29 Sep 2021 18:19 Sun Tri Sat 06°Li59′ 06°Aq59′

30 Sep 2021 04:06 Mon Tri Nep 21°Cn21′ 21°Pi21′

30 Sep 2021 05:44 Mon Tri Ven 22°Cn11′ 22°Sc11′

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