Astrological Context, Week of April 11, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

This week sees a few planetary aspects and an ingress (a planet entering a new sign).

Tuesday has Jupiter conjoining Neptune, which happens only every twelve years or so. It’s a time of great optimism and dreaming about the future. This time, it’s in Pisces, one of Jupiter’s own signs. So we may be dreaming big now, and much of it may come true. But we may also have a bit of a challenge telling fact from fantasy right now, so take care. The Sun sextiles Saturn at the same time, which is one possible tether to keep us grounded an on the reality side of Jupiter/Neptune.

Sunday into Monday has Mercury conjoining uranus in Taurus. This is likely to bring moments of pure inspiration and flashes of brilliance, especially in areas having to do with the land, gardening, sustainability, and so forth. Venus sextiles them both from Pisces at the same time, bringing in the possibility of the ocean and water supplies into these “great ideas.”

On Thursday, Mars enters Pisces, where he enjoys dignity by virtue of being in a water sign (like his own Scorpio). But he’s also heading toward Jupiter and Neptune in a few weeks, so while he may bring energy to the Pisces part of your chart, he may also be a bit ambivalent about acting now.

12 Apr 2022 10:42 Jup Cnj Nep 23°Pi58′ 23°Pi58′

12 Apr 2022 20:14 Sun Sxt Sat 23°Ar03′ 23°Aq03′

14 Apr 2022 23:05 Mar Cnj Pis 00°Pi00′ 00°Pi00′

17 Apr 2022 21:09 Mer Sxt Ven 13°Ta32′ 13°Pi32′

18 Apr 2022 00:51 Mer Cnj Ura 13°Ta48′ 13°Ta48′

18 Apr 2022 03:14 Ven Sxt Ura 13°Pi49′ 13°Ta49′

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