Astrological Context, Week of April 8, 2024

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(All times Eastern)

Remember that these aspects (aside from entry into new signs) will be in effect a few days before and a few days after the exact dates listed here. So keep this in mind when reading the daily updates this week.

There are three big events this week. Monday afternoon is the total Solar Eclipse that’s been in the news. See my blog post for more details:

On Wednesday, Mars and Saturn conjoin in Pisces. These two are the “malefic” planets, and can be difficult to deal with. Watch for a blog post for more.

On Thursday, the retrograde Mercury catches up to the Sun, and for much of the afternoon and evening, the effects may be mitigated before returning to the retrograde feel by morning.

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8 Apr 2024 14:20 Sun SEcl 19°Ar24′

8 Apr 2024 14:20 Mon Cnj Sun 19°Ar24′ 19°Ar24′

10 Apr 2024 16:36 Mar Cnj Sat 14°Pi40′ 14°Pi40′

11 Apr 2024 19:02 Sun Cnj Mer 22°Ar32′ 22°Ar32′

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