Astrological Context, Week of August 14, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

Remember that these aspects (aside from entry into new signs) will be in effect a few days before and a few days after the exact dates listed here. So keep this in mind when reading the daily updates this week.

This week has only a couple of major planetary aspects, but involving Uranus.

On Tuesday, the Sun squares Uranus, making the first half of the week vulnerable to upsets, reversals, accidents, overstimulation, and all sorts of high-energy challenges. This is likely to play out in the public sphere as well as in the lives of individuals, though even there it’s likely to be public/professional rather than private. This is likely to affect those with planets and sensitive points in the late fixed signs the most.

On Wednesday, Mars trines Uranus. This will speed up whatever is already in motion, or whatever may have just been kick-started. It’s often a good time for achieving goals and imposing your will on things. But with the Sun-Uranus square still so fresh, it might be hard to move things in a specific direction, as a certain amount of chaos is inevitable now.

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15 Aug 2023 22:34 Sun Sqr Ura 23°Le00′ 23°Ta00′

16 Aug 2023 09:53 Mar Tri Ura 23°Vi00′ 23°Ta00′

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