Astrological Context, Week of August 15, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

This week is a bit quieter than last week, as far as major planetary action goes, but it still has some important events. Remember that these will be felt before and after the exact dates listed.

Mercury trines Uranus on Tuesday, making the first half of the week, especially, excellent for being brilliant and for inspiration. Things may come to you faster than you can process them, and if that’s the case, capture them in writing or on recording so that you can come back and work out details later.

On Thursday, Venus and Jupiter, the two benefics, trine one another. This should make the middle part of the week good overall for social events and gatherings, especially among extroverts. It’s a great time for public displays of affection and for parties.

On Sunday, Mercury opposes Neptune exactly. These are quite opposite energies, with Mercury all about details, specifics, measuring, clarity, etc., and Neptune being all about the fog and the fuzzy, as well as the spiritual and ineffable. So Mercury is likely to have the harder time here, and it may feel similar to a Mercury retrograde period.

On Saturday, Mars enters Gemini for a really long stay. It takes him a bit more than 2 years to transit the whole zodiac, but since he’ll slow down in late Gemini, go retrograde, and then forward again, his stay in that sign will be 7 months. A few things this might herald are harsh words and nasty verbal fighting, as well as speaking before thinking about it. Wherever Gemini is in your own chart is likely to experience a boost of energy, but also potentially a boost of cruelty.

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16 Aug 2022 13:46 Mer Tri Ura 18°Vi53′ 18°Ta53′

18 Aug 2022 04:02 Ven Tri Jup 08°Le02′ 08°Ar02′

20 Aug 2022 03:56 Mar Cnj Gem 00°Ge00′ 00°Ge00′

21 Aug 2022 03:40 Mer Opp Nep 24°Vi43′ 24°Pi43′

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