Astrological Context, Week of August 8, 2022

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Remember that these aspects in the Weekly Post last more than a few hours or even a few days. Expect to feel them in action at least a few days before and a couple of days after their exact contacts as they’re listed here.

On Tuesday, a little after midnight, Venus perfects her opposition to Pluto. This can be a rocky time in relationships of all sorts, when the balance of power is reexamined and potentially even waivers. It’s also possible that one of you may be far more intense about the relationship right now than the other, which can create tension. On the other hand, the magnetism of this aspect can be deeply intense in a positive way, if the two of you (or various members of a larger group) are mostly in-step with each other.

On Thursday, Venus then moves into Leo for a few weeks, where she likes to be quite demonstrative in her relationships. It’s a good time to shower your loved ones with praise and gifts, and – if they like such things – public displays of affection.

The same day, the Sun is exactly square with Uranus, causing some friction between our sense of where we’re going in life/career with our own sense of individuality and liberation. There may be some surprises and reversals in your trajectory now. Be prepared to make adjustments.

Mars sextiles Neptune on Thursday as well, offering the opportunity to take concrete action toward our dreams or spiritual goals.

On the weekend, the Sun opposes Saturn, both in their signs of power now. This can demand endurance and perseverance from us now, especially in our public lives and careers. It’s not a great time for advancement, but it could be good for rearranging professional priorities.

Finally, Mars trines Pluto just a few hours later, bringing energy and the desire to change things that feel as if they’ve held us back for a long time. This is a bit at odds with the Sun-Saturn aspect, so set realistic goals for yourself now.

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9 Aug 2022 01:17 Ven Opp Plu 26°Cn53′ 26°Cp53′

11 Aug 2022 08:53 Sun Sqr Ura 18°Le51′ 18°Ta51′

11 Aug 2022 14:30 Ven Cnj Leo 00°Le00′ 00°Le00′

11 Aug 2022 17:44 Mar Sxt Nep 24°Ta56′ 24°Pi56′

14 Aug 2022 13:10 Sun Opp Sat 21°Le54′ 21°Aq54′

14 Aug 2022 17:27 Mar Tri Plu 26°Ta45′ 26°Cp45′

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