Astrological Context, Week of August 9-August 15

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(All times Eastern)

There are two non-lunar aspects this week, and two planetary sign changes. On Monday, Venus opposes Neptune. The goddess of love, beauty, and art comes into conflict with the god of the ephemeral, non-physical, non-real. For artists, the beginning of the week could be highly creative, if unclear. In terms of relationships, this aspect can bring a strong sense of insecurity, super-sensitivity, overimpressionability, and lack of good judgment. Neptune can be smoke and mirrors, so be careful about any long-term relationship commitments this week; and don’t be surprised if things seem topsy-turvy. It’s likely that – as long as your relationships are on solid footing – things will return to normal in a few days.

On Tuesday, Mercury opposes Jupiter. This is a face-off between the details and the big picture, the small and the large. We may find ourselves mentally overconfident, and we may miss the forest for the trees – or the trees for the forest. This influence will last from now until about Thursday or Friday.

On Wednesday, Mercury leaves Leo for their favorite sign, Virgo, until the end of the month. They’re moving quite fast through the zodiac now, so the stay in this pragmatic sign is only about three weeks. But it should be a good time overall for details, communication, projects that involve dexterity and planning, as well as sales.

And just after midnight on the 16th, Venus leaves challenging (for her) Virgo for a month-long stay in one of her own signs, Libra. This should highlight art, beauty, love, and all things aesthetic in nature. It’s a good time for a makeover, a haircut, a clothes-buying spree, as well as for making art in general and for working out relationship details.

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