Astrological Context, Week of February 14, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

On Monday, Mercury enters Aquarius again, where they were before turning retrograde last month. There may be a continued feeling of all-things-Mercury getting a little better, as they pick up speed and enter an Air sign, where they’re a little more comfortable. This is likely to improve communications, studies, sales (merchanting), and detailed work of any kind.

On Wednesday, Venus and Mars conjoin in Capricorn, where Venus has moderate dignity and Mars has a lot. This conjunction is already in effect and will be for quite a while. Because of an unusual combination of orbital movement, these two will be within a degree of each other until about March 8, when Venus finally starts moving away from Mars against the background of our sky. Watch the news for things that have to do with power and sex, war and peace, aggression and pleasure. There’s the situation in Ukraine, as well as some sex scandals in the news that are likely to be quite prominent in the next month.

Jupiter is sextile now to Uranus, exact on Thursday. While this is not likely to be a strongly felt aspect, it does give us the opportunity to push forward with changes that we may have been delaying or procrastinating. So take advantage of it this week if you can.

14 Feb 2022 16:53 Mer Cnj Aqu 00°Aq00′ 00°Aq00′

16 Feb 2022 09:28 Ven Cnj Mar 16°Cp53′ 16°Cp53′

17 Feb 2022 19:12 Jup Sxt Ura 11°Pi13′ 11°Ta13′

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