Astrological Context, Week of July 18, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

There’s only one planetary aspect this week, but it’s a big one. The Sun opposes Pluto on Tuesday the 19th. The upside of this is that it may be a good time to get ahead career-wise and to take steps to consolidate authority and power. The downside is that the energy can be ruthless, and we may need to take care to shield against others who are out to “get theirs.” This is already in effect and will continue to be so through much of the week.

On Tuesday Mercury enters Leo for a few weeks, which on the one hand will put some distance between emotions and our thinking processes, while on the other can tend to make our thinking more stubborn and even grandstanding (Leo is a fixed sign). So be careful that you don’t get stuck.

On Friday the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo, joining Mercury and beginning the middle month of the northern summer. These are the “dog days,” which means that soon Sirius, the Dog Star, will start to rise in the morning before the Sun. This marked the flooding of the Nile in ancient Egypt, when the fertility for the year was established, and when lions would often come looking for water.

This week’s accompanying image shows the glow of the Sun, about to emerge over the Eastern horizon, on the left, and on the right, Sirius, the Dog Star, rising just before it over the horizon on August 18. Each day will see Sirius just a bit higher in the sky at dawn until it’s the brightest star in the morning sky in late summer.

19 Jul 2022 08:34 Mer Cnj Leo 00°Le00′ 00°Le00′

19 Jul 2022 21:38 Sun Opp Plu 27°Cn21′ 27°Cp21′

22 Jul 2022 16:06 Sun Cnj Leo 00°Le00′ 00°Le00′

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