Astrological Context, Week of July 24, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

Remember that these aspects (aside from entry into new signs) will be in effect a few days before and a few days after the exact dates listed here. So keep this in mind when reading the daily updates this week.

This is a relatively quiet week, with Mercury getting all the action.

On Thursday, Mercury conjoins Venus near the end of Leo. This is a nice aspect for self expression, artistic expression, and art of any kind.

On Friday, Mercury moves into Virgo, their favorite sign. The next few be excellent overall for communications, studies, fine detailed work, divination, sales, and interactions of all sorts.

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27 Jul 2023 11:15 Mer Cnj Ven 28°Le11′ 28°Le11′

28 Jul 2023 17:31 Mer Cnj Vir 00°Vi00′ 00°Vi00′

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