Astrological Context, Week of July 26-August 1

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This week’s big events are Mercury’s entry into Leo, Jupiter’s entry back into Aquarius, and Mars’ entry into Virgo.

Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday at 9:11 pm. They’re moving quite fast now, about 2º a day. They’ll catch up to the Sun next Sunday, and by August 11 will already be in Virgo. But in the meantime, our thoughts and communications may tend toward the dramatic and creative. We may find new ways of seeing things, especially in the first few days of August when Mercury squares Uranus. But we may also be stuck (Leo=fixed sign) in our own way of thinking and operating.

After a couple of months in Pisces, which he rules, Jupiter is heading back to Aquarius on Wednesday at 8:42 am, where he’ll finish his retrograde and then spend the rest of the year, arriving back at Pisces by late December. For those who have a lot of Jupiter rulership (e.g., Sun, Moon, Asc in Sagittarius or Pisces), this may mean revisiting some things that we thought we left behind this Spring. Last year’s projects may turn out to be a bit unfinished, and we have to attend to them before we’re truly done. This could also signal a tightening up of charity and general flow of money/generosity, for example from federal governments to citizens.

Mars leaves fiery Leo on Thursday at 4:32 pm and moves into calmer, pragmatic Virgo until mid-September. It’s a good time to focus physical and mental efforts on practical measures and on how to get things done. If we keep our efforts pragmatic and realistic, we may see good results.

Just before he makes the switch, he’ll oppose Jupiter who just moved into Aquarius. Midweek may be a time when we’re caught between industry and lethargy, focus and sloth. It may be hard to pick one and go with it.

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