Astrological Context, Week of June 19, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

Remember that these aspects (aside from entry into new signs) will be in effect a few days before and a few days after the exact dates listed here. So keep this in mind when reading the daily updates this week.

Two great outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, sextile one another exactly on Monday, cleaning up a bit of last week’s off-balance and isolation sentiments.

On Wednesday, the 21st, at 10:57am, the Sun enters Cancer, initiating the northern hemisphere summer. The Sun stands mostly alone in the chart, though he makes a wide trine to Saturn in Pisces, who is near the descendant of the chart when set for Washington, DC. This can point to some restrictions or hesitations of others on the international level in their approach to the USA. It may also be a particularly challenging time in general for older people.

Mercury sextiles Mars on Wednesday as well, speeding up communications and thought in general. After Wednesday though, Mercury begins their square to Neptune, exact on Sunday, which brings serious problems in the same areas. So it’s best to focus on important information and sales issues in the first half of the week, if possible.

Before dawn on Monday the 26th, Mars squares Uranus, bringing the potential for explosive energies during the weekend and into the beginning of next week. Be careful of accidents, and pay attention so that sudden changes don’t catch you off guard. Energy levels will be high, maybe too high. So focus on healthy ways to blow off steam and get done what you need to do.

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19 Jun 2023 11:53 Jup Sxt Sat 07°Ta12′ 07°Pi12′

21 Jun 2023 10:57 Sun Cnj Can 00°Cn00′ 00°Cn00′

21 Jun 2023 11:22 Mer Sxt Mar 18°Ge39′ 18°Le39′

25 Jun 2023 18:35 Mer Sqr Nep 27°Ge40′ 27°Pi40′

26 Jun 2023 05:22 Mar Sqr Ura 21°Le29′ 21°Ta29′

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