Astrological Context, Week of June 27, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Mars sextiles Saturn on Monday to start off the week. This is a mild aspect, so though it’s between the two “malefic” planets, they are both in signs that they rule, and are considered digified; this means that the more positive attributes of Mars (focus, energy, determination, etc.) and those of Saturn (discipline, focus, structure, boundaries, etc.) can be used now to good advantage.

On Tuesday, a few things happen. First, Neptune turns retrograde. This is a fairly normal state of affairs, since he spends about half of every year retrograde. But it can mean some extra fogginess and a lack of clarity in the part of your chart where he falls. The Sun squares Jupiter today, which may inspire us to take on way too much, and infect us with a sense of over-optimism. We may feel more confident than we should. But it also can signal a major moral or legal situation that is a current conflict. Finally on Tuesday, Venus sextiles Jupiter. This is a bit of a mirror of the Mars-Saturn sextile, since here we have the two benefic planets sooperating as well. Venus (art, love beauty, women, reproduction, fertility, etc.) and Jupiter (justice, expansion, generosity, etc.) can work together now.

On Friday, Mars and Pluto square each other exactly. This will be felt quite strongly building all week and then fading into next. But this heralds a seriously tense time when obsessions may reign and the attempt to control others becomes ever more obvious. Some may push others too hard in their drive for ambition, and there is the real possibility of violence even. This happens as Mercury trines Saturn, exact the next day (Saturday), which brings in a strong dose of rational thinking and potentially meaninful communication.

27 Jun 2022 18:28 Mar Sxt Sat 24°Ar49′ 24°Aq49′

28 Jun 2022 03:54 Nep R 25°Pi26′

28 Jun 2022 20:59 Sun Sqr Jup 07°Cn18′ 07°Ar18′

28 Jun 2022 23:51 Ven Sxt Jup 07°Ge18′ 07°Ar18′

1 Jul 2022 22:13 Mar Sqr Plu 27°Ar46′ 27°Cp46′

2 Jul 2022 06:38 Mer Tri Sat 24°Ge39′ 24°Aq39′

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