Astrological Context, Week of June 7-14

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Starting this week, I am going to highlight multi-day influences in a weekly post, and then link back to it throughout the week (or simply repeat the text, if it’s short), as well as reference them if they connect with other short-term aspects. Some of these are things that are already in full swing by the time the aspects come together exactly, since while Lunar aspects are quick-lived, aspects among other planets tend to build up over more time and linger a bit more. In general, you can consider each of these to be “in action” for 2-3 days before the dates listed, and for 1-2 days after that date.

This week’s major highlights:

June 10 Solar Eclipse

For more information, check out my blog post on how eclipses may affect natal charts.

For a simulation of how it might look, check out and enter your geographic location (closest major city is good enough).

Remember – don’t look directly at the Sun or a Solar Eclipse without adequate eye protection.

June 10 Sun conjunct Mercury

Normally, when the Sun conjoins a planet, it drowns out that planet’s energy, rendering it ineffective except when the planet is within 17 minutes of arc of the Sun. However, when it happens in the planet’s own sign, as we see today with Sun/Mercury in Gemini (Mercury’s sign), the tradition states that the “burning up” effects of the Sun are minimized. But we need to remember that Mercury is also retrograde right now. So it’s a lot to consider. If you do have Mercurial things to do today (paperwork, business, trading, important communications, etc.), aim for between 5 pm and 1:30 am tomorrow.

June 13 Venus sextile Uranus

Venus is in cahoots with Uranus now. This gives us an opening to express our individuality but in a harmonious way in our relationships and in our creative and artistic endeavors.

June 14 Saturn square Uranus

This is the second of three repeating aspects this year. In February, Saturn in Aquarius squared Uranus in Taurus. Saturn is now retrograde and squares Uranus again. The final time, after Saturn goes direct, will be Dec 24. These two planets represent different, almost opposite themes. Saturn is the traditional, conservative, comfortable, accepted, communal, while Uranus is the rebellious, liberal, uncomfortable, unusual, individual. The square indicates the conflict between these two things. At the first square in February, President Trump was acquitted in his second impeachment trial; California surpassed NY for the most Covid-19 deaths; there was a major protest crackdown in Myanmar; Aunt Jemima products were rebranded because of racial stereotyping; and more.

June 13 Sun squares Neptune

This can bring a lack of clarity and self-esteem. Try to remember that all is not as it seems, especially right now. The cosmic vibe is ripe for (self/other) deceptions and escapist urges. However it’s also an excellent time for visioning and art and magic, so if that’s your style, enjoy it.

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