Astrological Context, Week of March 28, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

This week is a little quieter for planetary aspects, with two conjunctions. On Monday, Venus conjoins Saturn in Aquarius, and on Saturday, the Sun and Mercury meet up in Aries.

Saturn is on his own turf in Aquarius, and Venus isn’t the most comfortable there, though it’s not her least favorite place, either. Saturn can tend to put the brakes on all things Venusian now: love, sex, relationships, art, aesthetics, etc. So you may sense a slow down there. At the same time, Saturn is at his most benefic here, and so you may experience this a bit differently, especially if he’s not in difficult condition in your own birth chart (e.g., in Aries, Leo, or Cancer). In this case, he may inspire you to reevaluate your close relationships, and perhaps even to take on more relationship commitment. He may also give more structure to artistic ideas and projects that you have going on.

Mercury, when close to the Sun, is rendered somewhat ineffective, given the Sun’s burning up of whatever comes near. So force and assertiveness may take over normal thinking processes now. On April 2, from about 1:00 pm until about 1:00 am on April 3, Mercury will stand at the heart of the Sun, a condition known as “cazimi,” and this will mitigate the combust condition of Mercury for that time. So if you have important papers to sign, or communications to send, that would be the best day this week to do that.

If you’re up before dawn, watch for the appearance of Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Mars in the East, rising before the Sun.

28 Mar 2022 15:27 Ven Cnj Sat 21°Aq44′ 21°Aq44′

2 Apr 2022 19:10 Sun Cnj Mer 13°Ar11′ 13°Ar11′

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