Astrological Context, Week of November 15-22

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Astrological Context, Week of November 15-22

(All times Eastern)

There are some big events this week, centering on the near total lunar eclipse early Friday morning.

On Wednesday, Mars is exactly opposite Uranus, promising some fireworks – metaphorical and literal. These are the two explosive planets, and here they are facing off with one another. There is a strong urge toward impulsive decisions and high tension. Beware of road rage and any confrontational situations – there are very few boundaries in play right now to protect you. Watch the news for more stories of rebellion and independent/separatist movements.

This is followed by the Thursday night/Friday morning eclipse, which will be visible in the USA, though you’ll have to be up early, especially on the East Coast; or up quite late on Thursday night on the West Coast. Remember: lunar eclipses are when the Earth is between the Moon and Sun. So the Moon will be setting as the Sun is rising on Friday (East Coast), just as the eclipse is ending. One of the unusual things about this eclipse is that even though it’s not total (it’s 97% total), it will last for 6 hours from the very beginning to the very end. In the East, it starts at 1:02 am (10:02 pm on Thursday in the West) and ends at 7:03 am (4:03 am in the West). The middle of the eclipse is at 4 am EST and 1 am PST. This is the longest partial solar eclipse in 580 years.

The official eclipse time, when we cast the chart, is 3:57:26 am EST. Set for Washington DC, this gives Libra rising. The Sun is in Scorpio (conjunct Mercury and along with Mars), and the Moon is in Taurus. The Moon is less than a degree from the malevolent fixed star Algol (Arabic for “the ghoul”), which is the blinking red eye of Medusa in the constellation of Perseus. This star is often associated with danger and violence (remember, Medusa was beheaded by Perseus).

Mars and Venus are important because they rule the signs that the Sun and Moon are in. Mars, in particular, because he’s in the same sign as the Sun, and he’s only one degree past his opposition to Uranus. This cements their explosive energy into the chart, and their effects will last probably for a few months because of it. The Sun-Moon axis in this chart falls across the 2nd-8th houses, meaning it is highly likely to affect finances of all kinds at the national level. Watch for sudden changes or reversal of policies or tactics. If this eclipse touches one of your personal points, you should take extra care in the months ahead to pay attention to your physical well being.

There are a few more aspects, but I’ll leave them for the daily posts.

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