Astrological Context, Week of November 28, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Remember that these aspects (aside from entry into new signs) will be in effect a few days before and a few days after the exact dates listed here. So keep this in mind when reading the daily updates this week.

Mars trines Saturn on Monday; the two planets are the “malefic” ones, which often make life more difficult. But combined this way, they can give us an energy boost and excellent focus. It’s a good few days to take on hard work, while not overdoing it. We may also feel quite confident in our abilities now.

On Tuesday, Mercury opposes Mars, this shifts the energy quite considerably toward agitation and impulsivity. We may be prone to accidents from acting too quickly, and word may be challenging, taking on the form of sarcasm and criticism. This will be tempered somewhat by Mercury’s sextile to Saturn later the same day. If the Saturn in Aquarius ties into your own chart tightly, you may find that clear thinking dominates. Otherwise, the Mercury-Mars will rule the day.

On Thursday just after midnight, Venus opposes Mars, provoking strong passions and sexual drives. But there is a lot of tension that goes with these. Again, Venus sextiles Saturn while opposing Mars (like Mercury did earlier in the week). So if Saturn connects with your chart nicely, the tension could be helped a lot by the ability to make plans and come to conclusions.

Also on Thursday, Mercury squares Neptune, bringing a strong note of fuzziness, lack of clarity, and possible deception (self and others) to the end of the week. It’s not a good time for major contracts or career moves, if you can avoid it. Information is likely not to be reliable now.

On Saturday, Neptune turns direct; not ruling any signs, the effects may be subtle, but wherever Neptune is in your chart may make more progress: areas of consciousness, universal love/mind, spirituality, and urges to escapism.

On Sunday, Venus squares Neptune, which can bring a serious lack of ability to see relationships for what they are. In fact, be carefully that others aren’t trying to deceive you right now. Put relationship decisions off for at least a few days, and try not to let the ephemeral nature of things get you down right now.

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28 Nov 2022 12:55 Mar Tri Sat 19°Ge42′ 19°Aq42′

29 Nov 2022 15:30 Mer Opp Mar 19°Sg18′ 19°Ge18′

29 Nov 2022 23:17 Mer Sxt Sat 19°Sg47′ 19°Aq47′

1 Dec 2022 00:27 Ven Opp Mar 18°Sg47′ 18°Ge47′

1 Dec 2022 20:08 Mer Sqr Nep 22°Sg38′ 22°Pi38′

1 Dec 2022 22:09 Ven Sxt Sat 19°Sg55′ 19°Aq55′

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