Astrological Context, Week of November 29, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

This week has a number of events aside from daily lunar aspects, though it’s not quite as heavy as the last couple of weeks have been.

On Monday morning, Mars and Neptune come together by trine in water signs. This can move us to take action based upon beliefs and intuition. Intuition may lead us in the right direction now. It’s also a good time for charity work or cooperating with an organization. We’ll feel this already and it’s likely to last into midweek, though strongest on Monday.

Speaking of Neptune, he turns direct on December 1. He spends about half his time retrograde, and since he doesn’t rule signs, it’s not quite as big a deal as when one of the visible planets goes retrograde or direct. However, he is most definitely associated with intuition, faith, belief, and even paranoia and illusion/delusion. So we’re likely to see a continuation of the question of what is true or real in the news, thought it’s likely to take on some new flavors and probably make some reversals in direction this week and next.

Venus connects with Neptune by sextile on November 30, just as Mercury and the Sun sextile Saturn. The sextile is the weakest of the traditional aspects, and allows these planets to work together, but they’re not quite a “done deal” the way that some other aspects are. They need some input from folks to manifest and they tend to be more subtle.

Venus-Neptune is prime for some fantasy or romance. It’s excellent for producing art and non-rational works. Sun and Mercury with Saturn allow us to stay grounded in reality and the physical world during this time.

Early on Saturday December 4 there is a total Solar Eclipse. This one is visible only at the southern tips of Africa and Australia, and isn’t nearly as challenging as the Lunar Eclipse a couple of weeks ago. The Sun and Moon are in Sagittarius along with Mercury, and don’t make any serious aspects to other planets. So wherever Sagittarius is in your chart is likely to get attention for the next few months, but there shouldn’t be any major catastrophes.

29 Nov 2021 09:10 Mar Tri Nep 20°Sc24′ 20°Pi24′

30 Nov 2021 02:19 Mer Sxt Sat 08°Sg54′ 08°Aq54′

30 Nov 2021 15:46 Ven Sxt Nep 20°Cp24′ 20°Pi24′

30 Nov 2021 18:14 Sun Sxt Sat 08°Sg57′ 08°Aq57′

1 Dec 2021 08:22 Nep D 20°Pi24′

4 Dec 2021 02:43 Sun SEcl 12°Sg22′

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