Astrological Context, Week of October 17, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Remember that these aspects (aside from entry into new signs) will be in effect a few days before and a few days after the exact dates listed here. So keep this in mind when reading the daily updates this week.

This week has a lot of action among a few planets. Venus catches up to the Sun on Saturday, but on the way, they will each trine Mars, the Sun on Monday and Venus o Tuesday. Along the way, the Sun and Venus both square Pluto, on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. All of this is going to allow us to refocus relationships and especially power structures within them. These can be any kind of relations, whether romantic or merely social. There may be some power struggles along the way, and desire and passions may run high. But this week should provide the opportunity and energy for dealing with all of it.

On Sunday, Mercury trines Saturn, making the end of the week in particular excellent for planning out long-term goals and for serious contemplation and writing.

Saturn turns direct on Sunday, making Saturnian things begin to move a little more fluidly. This includes all things related to where Capricorn and Aquarius are in your own charts. But it also can include overall issues of responsibility and for receiving the credit you deserve for your efforts.

Also on Sunday, both Venus and the Sun enter Scorpio, bringing a much more serious focus to our days overall. For Venus, this is definitely a challenging place, so it’s best to get all that relationship stuff ironed out earlier in the week when the opportunities are far more auspicious.

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17 Oct 2022 18:05 Sun Tri Mar 24°Li30′ 24°Ge30′

18 Oct 2022 22:20 Ven Tri Mar 24°Li42′ 24°Ge42′

19 Oct 2022 09:33 Sun Sqr Plu 26°Li08′ 26°Cp08′

20 Oct 2022 02:02 Ven Sqr Plu 26°Li08′ 26°Cp08′

22 Oct 2022 17:17 Sun Cnj Ven 29°Li26′ 29°Li26′

22 Oct 2022 21:00 Mer Tri Sat 18°Li35′ 18°Aq35′

23 Oct 2022 00:07 Sat D 18°Aq35′

23 Oct 2022 03:51 Ven Cnj Sco 00°Sc00′ 00°Sc00′

23 Oct 2022 06:35 Sun Cnj Sco 00°Sc00′ 00°Sc00′

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