Astrological Context, Week of October 4-10

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There’s a lot going on this week apart from Lunar aspects.

You may have noticed that with the exception of Venus and Mars, currently all of the planets are retrograde. This can make things feel as if they are stalled and have a hard time moving forward. A lot of that changes this month, and this week, Pluto and Saturn both turn direct (on the 6th and 10th, respectively). For those ruled by Saturn (e.g., having Aquarius or Capricorn rising or Sun-or-Moon sign), the motion forward may start to be felt soon.

Venus leaves Scorpio, where she is uncomfortably trying to be like Mars, and begins her time in Sagittarius on Thursday. While it’s not her favorite place, she does get to play and move a whole lot more. It’s a good month to dance and get moving.

The Sun conjoins Mars and Mercury within a day of each other, and then Mercury and Mars have their exact conjunction as well. In general, planets near the Sun are fairly ineffective, having their energy “burned up” by the Sun (the technical term is “combust”). However, when they are within just a few minutes of arc (remember, a degree has 60 minutes in it), they are said to stand at the heart of the Sun, and for a brief time, the Sun pours all his energy through that planet, and it can be a very beneficial time. It’s one of the few shining moments during a Mercury retrograde period when Mercury can function super well.

Mars will be in this position from October 7 at 11:30 am through October 9 about 4:00 am EDT. This is an excellent time to take direct action, be assertive, start an exercise program, launch a project, etc.

Mercury will be in this beneficial state on Oct 9 from about 5pm EDT until just after 11 pm. This is a great time to write or send important messages, study, edit, learn, buy or sell something, or have an important conversation.

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6 Oct 2021 14:28 Plu D 24°Cp18′

7 Oct 2021 07:20 Ven Cnj Sag 00°Sg00′ 00°Sg00′

8 Oct 2021 00:00 Sun Cnj Mar 15°Li05′ 15°Li05′

9 Oct 2021 12:18 Sun Cnj Mer 16°Li35′ 16°Li35′

9 Oct 2021 18:48 Mer Cnj Mar 16°Li16′ 16°Li16′

10 Oct 2021 22:17 Sat D 06°Aq52′

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