Astrological Context, Week of September 27-October 3

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(All times Eastern)

This week has a few major planetary aspects that each last a few days. Tuesday through Thursday at least, we’ll feel the Venus trine to Neptune and the Sun trine to Saturn.

The first of these is a fantastic aspect for romance, fantasy, and self-care; especially now that Mercury is retrograde, we should focus on non-rational activities and those that are traditionally “right brained.” Our aesthetic sensibilities will be quite strong this week. We may also see the romantic side of relationships without falling into too much self-delusion about them. Folks who have planets near 21º of the Water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer) will feel this the strongest.

For those with sensitive points around 6º of Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), the Sun and Saturn will offer quite a different energy. This is quite rational and “left brained.” It’s a good week to deal with authority, structure, and planning. If you need to take more control over your life, now is a good time to work on that. Limitations seem less of an obstacle and more of an invitation to focus on the pragmatic. Remember that Mercury is retrograde, and be meticulous about details; or make a plan to be carried out later.

After her trine to Neptune, Venus moves on to square Jupiter, exact on Thursday. We may need to be careful toward the middle-end of the week not to overindulge in our self-care now, and to take social risks.

On Friday, Mercury retrograde and Pluto square off in late Cardinal signs (Libra, Capricorn), leading to intense discussions and potential passive-aggressive behavior. With the retrograde, it’s likely that solutions are not forthcoming at this time, so try not to get too stuck on working things out or paranoid if the walls seem a little close.

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