Friday, April 10, 2020

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The ping-pong between quiet and active days continues today. At daybreak, Luna applies to sextile Pluto and Jupiter, adding a possible sense of urgency to the early morning. Until mid-afternoon, she trines Mercury, still in Pisces, giving us one last chance to create poetry or wordless art before Mercury moves on to another sign.

At 4:35pm EDT the Moon enters Sagittarius, and sextiles Saturn. This could feel a bit uplifting, and is a good time to deal with obligations, since they may not feel so overwhelming now.

Overnight Luna opposes Venus, offering beauty (if not necessarily ease) in dreaming.

Mercury enters Aries at 12:48am EDT, finally escaping the Pisces/Retrograde cycle it’s been in for a couple of months. Communication should become clearer and much more direct, and thinking more incisive.

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