Lunar Mansion 15 & 16

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Lunar Mansion 15

Tomorrow, January 5 at 12:41 AM the Moon enters Mansion 15 (Al Ghafr “The Covering”), from 0º Libra to 12º Libra 51′.

Associated image for magic/meditation: a man, seated, holding or writing scrolls

Beneficial actions: seeking hidden goals or treasures, digging wells, impede travelers, separate spouses or friends and allies, destruction of enemies

Lunar Mansion 16

Tomorrow, January 5 at 10:45 PM the Moon enters Mansion 16 (Al-Zubana “The Claws”), from 12º Libra 51′ to 25º Libra 42′.

Associated image for magic/meditation: a man sitting on a throne holding scales for weighing

Beneficial actions: create discord among others, especially couples, destroy merchandise or harvests/plants, liberate captives

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