Monday, January 20, 2020

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As day dawns, the Moon will be in an active square to Venus until mid-morning, making it difficult for communication about emotional matters to happen smoothly. It’s OK to put it off if that’s an option. At 9:54am the Sun leaves the Capricorn pile-up and enters Aquarius. It may bring a bit of a lift in spirits, but it’s also not the favorite place of the Sun, since it’s opposite his home in Leo. Here the Sun is more interested in the community than in the self; that’s not bad unless you need some self-care, which could be difficult this month.

From mid-morning until mid-afternoon the Moon conjoins Mars in Sagittarius, bringing a lot of energy, but with no control. It’s a good time to be physically or mentally active, but not to try to resolve differences with others. The rest of the day until about midnight she will square Neptune, bringing with her a hall of mirrors and some fogginess about what’s going on.

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