Monday, July 20, 2020

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The New Moon is at 1:33pm ET today. A rarity, this is the second New Moon in Cancer in the same year. The Sun spends a couple extra days in Gemini & Cancer, so if there’s a New Moon (or Full) on the first day or two, there will be another on the last day or two.

Now is a good time to do things that need to stay hidden, even if temporarily. Conversely, not a good time if what you are working on needs to be seen or shine. Best now to make plans to put into action in a few days as the lunar light grows.

At the same time, the Sun opposes Saturn today (meaning that the Moon is also opposing it). We could see restrictions, hits to self-esteem, overbearing uses of authority, possible rebellious actions, and use of fear as a tactic.

At 4:16pm Luna enters Leo where she gives a boost to our emotional output for a couple of days.

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