Monday, May 11, 2020

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For much of today, the Moon’s contacts to Neptune and the Sun will make for an optimistic, if a bit unrealistic, feel. Overnight, Luna conjoins Pluto, offering some intense dreams.

At 5:57 this evening, Mercury enters Gemini, one of his own signs. It’s moving really fast, so he’ll only be here for 17 days. Take advantage to work out ideas, write, think, communicate, and sell (as much as is possible these days). Today and tomorrow it will flow with Saturn, allowing the opportunity to be pragmatic in these areas, and nail down some details.

Saturn turned retrograde early this morning until the end of September. At the beginning of July, he’ll re-enter Capricorn from Aquarius until mid-December. These are Saturn’s two signs, so he doesn’t gain or lose any dignity, but the quality of his stay in each will be different. Look for a coming blog post for more details. But for the next 3+ months, Saturn things and the Saturn parts of your chart will likely experience some reversals and/or setbacks. Issues of responsibility/obligation may need to be revisited.

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