Saturday, June 20, 2020

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This morning’s Sun square to Neptune may make for a dreamy day, or possibly a confusing one where we can’t easily tell what’s real and what’s not real, or where we stand on an issue.

The Sun enters Cancer at 5:43 this afternoon, heralding the official beginning of Summer. As it does, the Moon is in an exact square to Mars, cementing in the likelihood of angry eruptions and emotional distress not just for the afternoon, but for the whole Summer season. Be good to yourself and take extra care to be good and kind to others, since there will be enough anger to go around. At the same time, this season may be one in which you finally get angry about some of the things that you haven’t seen that might have been right there all along (Sun-Neptune and Moon-Mars at the Summer Solstice).

All of this is emphasized even more by the upcoming Solar Eclipse. Stay tuned.

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