Saturday, June 27, 2020

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The morning starts with the fading trine of Moon to Pluto and Jupiter. We might have that relieved feeling of just having avoided something undesirable. As the morning and afternoon progress, Luna moves into an opposition with Mars. Watch your anger levels, even justified ones. These two are in the last degrees of their signs (Virgo/Pisces) which often brings a sense of desperation.

At 9:45 pm, Mars enters Aries, where he will be through the end of the year. Slow motion and a coming retrograde turn a normal ~2 sojourn through this sign into 6 months. This could be good news for being focused and getting things done. But it’s also a placement that encourages acting without thinking or feeling first. Sometimes we need to just act. But other times, we step in it if we act too fast. Be aware.

Tonight the Moon flows with Venus, encouraging artists and lovers. Overnight, the Moon makes her first square to the Sun of this cycle. Take stock of what you need for current projects and weed the unnecessary bits.

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