Thursday, February 20, 2020

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After some potentially weird dreams, thanks to the Moon-Pluto contact in the wee hours, our brains are brought right back to reality with the Moon conjoining Saturn in serious, realistic Capricorn.

Fighting this urge is the exact Jupiter-Neptune trine, which has been forming for a while, which can easily lead us to dream, sometimes far beyond what is realistic. But with Jupiter in Capricorn now, it might help ground some of those dreams and bring them to manifestation.

Also working against the impulse to be careful is the Mars trine to Uranus, also exact today. On the plus side, projects you may have been working on for a while may finally complete or come through for you. But do beware the sense of recklessness that can accompany this transit.

At 2:41 the Moon enters Aquarius, adding to a sense of optimism, and until tonight squares Uranus, making us feel like anything may be possible, but also hard to control.

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