Thursday, May 21, 2020

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Throughout today into tomorrow morning, Mercury crosses Venus Rx. Mercury rules her now, since she’s in Gemini, so he gets the focus. Mercury is also moving to square Neptune (exact tomorrow morning). While words and art come into view, the “words” part is more prominent now. Beware untruths, but let your imagination run wild and see where it goes. Even though Mercury is in its own sign, logic can be a tall order today.

Luna flows with Neptune today, reinforcing the imagination part of the day. Overnight she’ll connect nicely with Pluto and Jupiter as well, allowing for some deep work, especially in the realm of art.

Also active today through tomorrow is the Sun’s trine to Saturn, both in signs where Saturn is dignified. This is a pretty opposite energy from the Mercury/Venus/Neptune one. It calls us to make good on commitments. If you’re working in facts and not relationships or art, this may be the stronger influence today.

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