Tuesday, March 3, 2020

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Venus in Aries perfects her square to Saturn in Capricorn around noon today. Responsibilities and harsh reality force us to take a critical look at relationships and our sense of beauty and art. Saturn is definitely the stronger in this lineup, but try not to be too hard on yourself and your loved ones now.

The Moon moves through much of Gemini without planetary contacts, but as she approaches the sextile to Venus tonight, we’re likely to be feeling the after-effects of the Venus-Saturn Square. There may be a softening of attitude after some self-critical thoughts.

At 11:25pm, Luna slips into home base as she enters Cancer while trining Mercury retro on the way. This could be a powerful time for exploring emotions and connections to other, but it’s probably best done alone with a journal rather than actually trying to communicate.

The Mercury enters Aquarius tomorrow at 6:07am as it continues its retrograde journey. Thoughts may be a little clearer, but they still need time and patience to fully work out.

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