Tuesday, May 12, 2020

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Mercury’s trine to Saturn this afternoon is good for focusing on pragmatic issues and figuring out how to manifest detail.

We wake up this morning with the Moon conjoining Jupiter in Capricorn, where neither is at their best, but combined can bring a sense of security. At 11:38am Luna enters Aquarius, lightening the mood, and this afternoon trines Mercury and conjoins Saturn. Despite Saturn’s being retrograde, today is one of the best days to write, plan, think, communicate, and set up sales (online, for example). Overnight, the Moon squares off with Uranus, making tonight exciting and less predictable.

Mars enters Pisces just after midnight for about six weeks. Mars has dignity here, but without the super-sharp edge that he has in his other places of dignity. So take this chance to focus and gently probe. It’s a good time to confront in a less confrontational way.

Early tomorrow morning, Venus goes retrograde until the Summer Solstice, reversing issues related to art, love, relationships, beauty, music, etc. Look for a future post on this.

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