Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Mars squares Pluto in the early hours tomorrow, and we’ve probably been feeling it for days already. Conflict and struggle around power issues is highlighted now. When Mars conjoined Pluto in mid-late March, this cycle of power struggles began – right as the USA was struggling to decide whether to lock down or not. We saw opposing sides become entrenched, and we’re likely to see that again now, though there might be a little movement forward at this crisis point. Mars will go retrograde and then move back to this point on Christmas Eve, so we have this for the rest of the year in greater or lesser degrees. The opposition happens June 1, 2021, the closing square next October, and then a new cycle will begin – again in Capricorn – in March 2022 (Mars takes about 2 years to circle the zodiac). But in the new cycle, Venus joins Mars and Pluto all in the 28th degree, so the flavor will be considerably different.

The Moon enters Gemini today at 9:45 am, but we may not notice.

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