Chris offers a variety of services, including natal (birth) charts, timing issues, and questions. Natal chart readings and updates are done via Zoom/Google Meet or by phone, while Horary and Electional charts are usually handled by email.

Natal (Birth) Chart Delineation

The full natal reading is a 75-minute discussion of your chart, tailored to whatever your particular interests are at the time. It includes a 6-12 month forecast beginning with the month of the reading. The cost is $225 for this reading, and includes my own preparation before hand (60 minutes or so on average). Your chart is emailed to you ahead of the consultation. Can be recorded if desired.

Twelve-month Update

Your birth chart never changes; but the influences upon it do change every year, and even every month. The 12-month update consists of a thirty-to-forty minute discussion, focused on your current concerns or interests. Cost: $150, includes quick email follow-up questions after the reading.

Six-month Update

This is a shortened version of the 12-month update. The 6-month update consists of a twenty minute discussion, focused on your current concerns or interests, and how they are likely to unfold in the next few months. Cost: $90, includes quick email follow-up questions after the reading.

If, within a month following the reading, the client would like to upgrade to the 12-month update, another twenty minute session can be booked for $60 (the difference in price between the 6- and 12-month update).

Mini Natal reading

This reading is 30 minutes, and focuses on one or two major areas or questions that you have right now, and how these are showing in your birth chart. Much of the same analysis as the full natal reading must be done ahead of time in order to answer even a few specific questions, but the reading time with the client is limited to a half hour. Cost: $100.

If the client would like to upgrade to a full natal reading within 30 days of this reading, the cost of the Mini reading will be deducted from the full reading and another 60 minute reading scheduled to cover the other areas that the Mini reading did not cover.

Horary Questions

Some questions are just too important not to answer. Often these important questions are good questions for horary astrology. But the questioner must have something at stake in order to ask the question; frivolous questions will not be answered by horary astrology in a satisfactory way. Also, not all questions will or can be answered by horary. Horary questions must be serious, and may by asked only once unless significant circumstances change in a way. $50 per question. Horary consultations are generally by email, or telephone by request.

Electional Charts

About to open a new business? buy a house? sell a car? have surgery? When is the best time to do these things? Electional astrology is the art of choosing the right time to maximize the potential outcome of a situation. Working with current times and the client’s birth chart, electional astrology can help make good ideas better. The cost is $125 for coming up with the 2-3 best possible time or times for your chosen event. If the client needs more than 3 possible dates, the cost is $150.

Medical Issues

Although astrology is not meant to replace proper diagnosis and treatment by certified health care professionals, it can teach us a lot about what is most likely to cause stress and illness in our lives, and what we can do to minimize ill effects. We can also see what symptoms and situations are more likely to result in illness and which are easily dealt with. Specific times can be selected for beginning diets or exercise programs, whether to change current situations or to prepare for possible future stresses as indicated by planetary patters. The cost for current clients is $150 for one hour discussion, based on the birth chart and current astrological patterns. If I have not done a natal chart delineation for you, the charge is $200, since this reading will rely heavily on the birth chart.

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