Yearly Digital Calendars

I am happy to offer personalized digital astrological calendars for purchase. These calendars list a variety of astrological events, most of which are customized to the client’s specifications. They include the following standard features:

  • Transits to your natal planets
  • Planets entering specific houses & signs in your chart
  • Stationary points (when planets go retrograde and direct)
  • Where eclipses fall in your chart

You may also select the following options:

  • Moon-only options (Transits from the Moon, but no other planets, to your own natal chart)
  • Transit Interpretations
  • Recommended times for gardening (by Moon sign) FREE

The calendars are available in the following formats:

  • iCal (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, IBM/Lotus Notes, Yahoo! Calendar, Evolution, Thunderbird with Lightning extension, and more)
  • vCal (Microsoft Outlook)


Below are a few examples. The first is a desktop Google calendar. You can see that it’s easy to toggle the calendar off and on using the menu to the left. If you order transit interpretations, you can click on any transit event for the pop-up window.

Below that are images of the calendar and the interpretation option on an Android phone.

Google Astro Calendar Desktop
Google Calendar Desktop with pop-up event interpretation
Google Astro Calendar Mobil Version
Google Astro Calendar Mobil Version Detail

Order now

Complete the form with the birth information and email for the person for whom the calendar is being prepared and click Submit, then select your calendar and pay with Paypal.
Your calendar will be prepared and sent to you within 72 hours. Note that your AstroCalendar will begin on the first of the next month and cover one year.

This is so that I can generate a report using your current time zone for transits.

Transits to your natal chart $15

Transits to your natal chart with Interpretations $30

Moon-only Transits to your natal chart with Interpretations $15

Click here for a video on how to import your calendars and start using them. (Coming soon.)