Horary Questions

Horary charts are cast for the time and place that the astrologer hears or receives and understands the question. Enter your question in the form below, being as specific as possible. I may reply to you for further clarification before casting the chart, if necessary.

Occasionally, there are signs in the chart that it will not give an answer at this time. In this case, the client will not be charged.

Once I have accepted the question, I will send you an invoice through Paypal while I work on the chart, which usually takes a day or two. Once the invoice is paid and my reading of the chart is ready, I will email it to you.

Electional Charts

Electing a time involves many variables. Sometimes it requires looking at only weekend dates (e.g., most weddings), or looking at times that are during business hours in your time zone, or hours that your local post office is open (for mailing important paperwork).

Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible, and I will get back to you by email about the possibilities. I will then send you an invoice and work on selecting one or two of the best times possible for your project or event.