Why should you support me?

In addition to seeing clients and answering questions, I publish a daily almanac of what the Moon and planets are doing and how it might affect folks in a general way.

I also publish a blog article weekly on some aspect of astrology, either educational, cultural, or a research piece.

All of these are free to readers. By doing this, I hope to increase the general level of understanding of what astrology is and can do.

You can support this effort in one (or more) of three ways:

  1. Book a reading with me. We’ll look at your chart or your upcoming yearly charts in detail and talk about how you can take best advantage of what’s coming.

  2. Become a Patreon donor. Patreon is a platform that allows creators of materials to receive donations. You can donate whatever amount you want, and each time I release a weekly blog post or video, Patreon will allow you to make that donation to me automatically. You can set your own monthly limits, and folks who donate certain amounts will receive certain benefits (early access to posts, invitation to monthly online chats, etc.). Use the link below for more information.
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