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Noctuque Diuque - By Night and By Day

Daily Almanac delineations are posted here on the website at 8:00 pm each day. All times are for Eastern (whether Standard or Daylight) Time; other time zones in the USA should subtract from Eastern to get your own (-1 hour for CT, -3 for PT). These are universal delineations which will affect individuals differently or to differing degrees. For more personalized information, book an appointment with your astrologer.

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  • Lunar Mansion 2
    (All times Eastern) On May 8 at 9:20 am the Moon enters Mansion 2 (Al-Butain “The Little Belly”), from 12º Aries 51′ to 25º Aries 42′. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: a crowned king Beneficial actions: reconciling and pacifying, dig for wells, find hidden treasure, […]
  • Astrological Almanac for Saturday, May 8, 2021
    (All times Eastern) The party vibes start to fade, but the morning may still have a strong social focus. By mid-morning our energy turns again toward keeping obligations and being responsible, though not in an overwhelming way. At 10:01 pm, Venus enters Gemini, leaving the comfort and home-body feel of […]
  • Lunar Mansion 1
    (All times Eastern) On May 7 at 7:52 am the Moon enters Mansion 1 (Al-Sharatain “The Two Signals”), from 0º Aries to 12º Aries 51′. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: a man with his hair wrapped standing and holding a lance in his right hand […]
  • Astrological Almanac for Friday, May 7, 2021
    (All times Eastern) Tomorrow morning Venus squares Jupiter, making these couple of days very attractive for socializing and partying. We may need to be careful to continue to take social distancing seriously now, since the urge to be with others without having to be responsible is strong. Romance could be […]
  • Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, May 5, 2021
    (All times Eastern) NOTE: I forgot to post this for May 5, but refer to it in later posts, so it’s here for reference. Tomorrow morning, Venus trines Pluto, intensifying our relationships, especially close ones. We may also find that we discover something about our own motivations, as well as […]
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