Astrological Almanac for Saturday, September 3, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Overnight into very early morning has a generally good feel to it. But by mid-morning, that is likely to vanish as the Moon opposes Mars. Lie low for the first half of the day if you don’t want to have fights and arguments, especially with Mars (fights) now in Gemini (words, speaking). It’s also an excellent time to stay off social media, since trolls gonna troll, and this morning and early afternoon is pretty much an open invitation for that.

By evening, things even out, and tomorrow has some much nicer aspects.

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Weekly Context Post:

3 Sep 2022 06:10 Mon Tri Jup 06°Sg37′ 06°Ar37′

3 Sep 2022 06:36 Mon Sxt Mer 06°Sg52′ 06°Li52′

3 Sep 2022 08:22 Mon Opp Mar 07°Sg53′ 07°Ge53′

3 Sep 2022 14:07 Mon Sqr Sun 11°Sg13′ 11°Vi13′

4 Sep 2022 05:49 Mon Sxt Sat 20°Sg24′ 20°Aq24′

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