Astrological Almanac for Wednesday, May 11, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The Moon is busy today, making a lot of aspects. The day starts with some feisty, oppositional energy, before smoothing out quite a bit at midmorning. The afternoon may bring some challenges distinguishing between what’s authentic and what isn’t, and then things may clear up and even be revealed to us this evening.

At 2:34 am tomorrow, Luna enters Libra, which is Venus’s sign. Venus is now in fiery Aries, and not at her best. So we may be in for a couple of days of trying to be social but perhaps coming on a bit too strong (or we may experience others as doing that).

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Weekly Context Post:

11 May 2022 08:17 Mon Opp Mar 19°Vi55′ 19°Pi55′

11 May 2022 10:01 Mon Tri Sun 20°Vi52′ 20°Ta52′

11 May 2022 17:16 Mon Opp Nep 24°Vi50′ 24°Pi50′

11 May 2022 23:59 Mon Tri Plu 28°Vi33′ 28°Cp33′

12 May 2022 02:34 Mon Cnj Lib 00°Li00′ 00°Li00′

12 May 2022 03:01 Mon Opp Jup 00°Li15′ 00°Ar15′

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